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It’s Comcast’s policy to suspend any account that exceeds usage limits twice in any year. Now, I know what you’re wondering: “But who would ever use 300 GBs of data in a month? Remember — they’re trying to protect a business model here.

Bob now has seven books out in the series each based in the American Southwest and featuring the same protagonist, Jim West, a retired Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).However, should cable providers begin to punish their subscribers for choosing alternatives, someone’s going to look like a real jerk.Instead, they need to wise up, understand the cause for the future IPTV craze, and encorporate those demands in their future offerings.Of the many blogs that I read, several consistently attract my attention. Of the many stories that they’ve been following, one has peaked piqued my interest as I consider the future of Joost and IPTV: that of “unlimited Internet.” According to the outlet, it seems as though Comcast’s unlimited Internet access is limited to under 300 GBs.“Comcast accused Frank of downloading 305GB in November and 297GB in December. Comcast representatives would only say ‘I’m sorry but I cannot divulge that information.'” Frank has been banned from Comcast for a full year.

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