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Some singles are going against the grain and ditching dating apps for services that guarantee them introductions to like-minded people who share the same expectations and objectives, which is often marriage.

A Greatist survey from 2017 that shows that 60 per cent of 4,000 millennials interviewed prefer meeting people in real life instead of through dating apps.‘Dating apps for some is a horrible experience – when you’re a young man or woman looking to find love and settle down, you’re vulnerable,’ Angelika explains.

I would now like to have someone with whom I can share my successes with and talk about my day.’A by-product of the UAE’s multiculturalism is that there’s a variety of matchmaking services to suit different cultures, budgets and mindsets.

Approaching a matchmaker sounds archaic, conjuring up images of inquisitive middle-aged ladies who can spot eligible bachelors and unmarried young women a mile off and accost unsuspecting singles or their parents with a folder full of biodata. While women still seem to spearhead the industry, founding and owning many matchmaking businesses and apps, traditional matchmaking methods have evolved to become palatable to the tech-savvy, independent, well-travelled and opinionated millennials in their twenties and thirties who are the core matchmaking clientele.

She does all the leg work for her clients, rooting out the gold-diggers, the serial daters, the online predators; vetting them through in-depth interviews and phone calls and Skype chats before taking them on as clients.

Purvangi Shukla, an Ahmedabad-based matchmaker, runs Elite Vivaah, a personalised matchmaking service that caters to the Indian diaspora around the world and she has an online binder full of men and women – 2,000 single Indians from the UAE, to be specific.

There is also the cultural dichotomy that is distinctive to the UAE’s third-culture kids.

For most, clubs, bars and parties aren’t places where they expect to find a serious partner.

While her sister was the lucky one in that sample group, Iman and a growing number of millennials in the UAE are losing at the numbers game that is dating – losing patience with dates and romantic interludes through apps that lead nowhere; losing time, a worry for those women who want to have children; and often losing hope because of the rejections and break-ups that make a major dent to their self-confidence and sense of self-worth.

It is often at this stage that they turn to the expert guidance of professional matchmakers.

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Iman’s sister met the love of her life at a concert in Dubai.

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