Accommodating resistance equipment

if you add bands or chains to any of the above exercises you get variable resistance....if you use resistance bands only or the old universal gym systems, and I think the strive brand of exercise equipment has variable cams in their machines that can move the heavy point to the beginning, middle, or end.Accommodating resistance is a form of variable resistance.The content of the articles and columns continues to improve, as we continue to bridge evidence-based research with practice.Perhaps even more exciting is the “electronic” future of .If the load is constant through the ROM, it's constant resistance.Add a lobed cable swivle and it becomes variable resistance.I have no idea of what you mean by "accommodating resistance." What is it that you really want to know?

It's, as has been pointed out, called isometric resistance.

You would get more response if you asked what the difference is between the different types of resistance and their application.

anything with only a barbell or dumbbell is constant resistance.

Several great publications by coaches and researchers really raised the standard on using variable or accommodating resistance, but the small nuances are necessary for the technique to really make a change.

What separates this article from others is its authenticity.

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