Accommodating students with special needs in the classroom jiayuan dating

___ Praise students when you 'catch them doing things correctly, but don't overdo it.The praise should be a real reward, not something that happens over every small accomplishment but rather in response to a string of related accomplishments.Special needs children, though, can sometimes react more strongly than their non-disabled peers when faced with an unexpected change in their daily schedule.When creating daily schedules be sure to match the schedule format to the child's skill level: A classroom schedule lays out the events of the day that affect all children in the room.

But remember-schedules have value only when they are used!___ Communication between home and school should be in place for all students, but particularly for those students with special needs.Your relationship and interaction with a child's parents or guardian can be an invaluable tool and ensure consistency between the classroom and home. A tired child is never at his most receptive to new information.And find out why some kids might refuse to use accommodations.Amanda Morin worked as a classroom teacher and as an early intervention specialist for 10 years.

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