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to accomplish the same thing, but there’s actually a whole lot more at play.

Inertia, acceleration, and other factors (like friction from cams and pulleys) can cause the amount of force on the body to change at various points throughout the movement.

So why swap traditional stacked weights for the unseen?

“Pneumatic machines are the closest you’ll get to true isotonic exercise,” (or moving a fixed amount of resistance through a specific range of motion), says Andrea Hudy, strength and conditioning coach at the University of Kansas.

“Those muscles have to remain active and engaged throughout the entire range of motion, throughout a range of velocities.” In the long-term, Rice says, “that can set you up for a reduced incidence of injury,” (though, because all training involves a certain amount of stress on the body, no form of training is entirely injury-proof, of course).“Athletes can suddenly train [closer to] the speed they would perform at,” says Dan Taylor, Director of Global Communications at Keiser Corporation.

With pneumatic resistance, explosive movements can be replicated at game-speed, conditioning the muscles to fire faster. So while a golfer might try to strengthen their stroke with a woodchopper exercise, moving a traditional stack of weights up the cable column can only happen so quickly.

At Athletes’ Performance, everything from air-resistance squats to air-powered cycling has helped the bottom line — faster 40s and higher verticals included, Rice says. Instead of speculating how fast a movement , Keiser machines display a power output corresponding to each rep, allowing athletes and trainers to quantify — and track — power in real time.

Once those starting points are accurately measured and accessed, Of course, power isn’t the only advantage to working with air.

As for big box gyms, cost may be the biggest limitation.Resistance on pneumatic machines is selected by the push of button, instead of by loading heavy plates or reaching down to adjust a pin in a weight stack (less ideal for older or injured trainees).Resistance is also available in more precise increments, down to the ounce.“As training theory and knowledge becomes disseminated across a much wider field, you’re going to see better availability in more gyms and more places,” Rice says.“That is, ultimately, where the big box gyms are going to go.”Until then, is compressed air worth seeking out?

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That’s not to say that pneumatic resistance couldn’t be beneficial as a supplemental form of training.

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