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Bill Carter said he still loves his youngest son, but “I have to have justice for Shirley.I have to.” The defense team for Jason Carter said that because the criminal investigation into Shirley Carter’s murder was ongoing and ‘active’ before and during the civil trial, the State was not required to give to [Carter] exculpatory evidence showing Jason did not murder his mother.The Iowa DCI said investigators had conducted 200 interviews and followed up on 100 leads in the year since the murder and called the investigation “still active.” According to a number of published news reports, Bill Carter based the allegations against his son on a combination of potential motivations and circumstances.Jason, he said, was having financial troubles and had million worth of family farmland to gain.Bill told the Register he wasn’t allowed to check his safe in the basement, where he kept the gun Jason had given him, to see if it was missing. Law enforcement also said they were interested in speaking with any person who may have been approached to either purchase or take possession of a rifle in and around Marion County or surrounding communities since June 19, 2015.

“I kissed her.” Reported the Register: Shirley had been shot twice through the back. Though he has told the story countless times, Bill Carter still cannot tell it without sobbing so convulsively he can barely speak.Shirley’s husband, Bill Carter, told officials he’d dropped off Shirley at the couple’s 132 Perry Street home after a morning coffee run before heading out to haul corn, which he and son Jason did on contract.Before leaving the house, Bill told his wife of 52 years he’d be home between 11 and a.m.By all accounts, he and Shirley were devoted to each other.They’d been married more than 50 years, 48 of them in that farmhouse.

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A Marion County judge agreed to release both the autopsy and 911 calls, but only to both parties involved and no outside third parties.

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