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Saxonica traditionally recommended use of the Xerces parser from Apache in preference to the version bundled in the JDK, which was known to have some serious bugs.

However, there is some evidence that the version bundled in Java 8 is more reliable.

The default is false; that is, include text nodes for ignorable white space.

Setting this to true might well be useful in record-like documents.

However, for this property to make a difference, the documents must have a DTD and should be valid or very nearly so.

Schema processing is done in parallel with parsing, by use of a SAX-like pipeline.

That is, the validation feature overrides the expand entity references feature.

The five predefined references— The following two methods determine whether the parsers produced by this factory will generate comment nodes for comments seen in the input document.

CDATA sections should not be treated differently than any other text.

Whether or not certain text is written in a CDATA section should be purely a matter of syntax sugar for human convenience, not anything that has any effect on the data model. If a parser is validating, then this it will expand entity references, even if this feature is set to false.

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