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His aim throughout had not been restricted to conquering lands as far from Macedonia as India but had been to also explore them.He required his companions, generals, and scholars to report to him in detail on regions previously unmapped and uncharted.Mackin VIA is a complete electronic resource management system providing easy access to e Books and educational databases.With just one login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of their electronic resources.Ptolemy I is said to have encouraged Egyptian priests to accumulate records of their past tradition and heritage and to render them available for use by Greek scholars and men of letters whom he had invited to live in Egypt.Best-known examples from each group were the Egyptian priest Manetho, who had good command of Greek, and the Greek author Hecataeus of Abdera.

Occasionally, the library’s collectors bought different versions of the same work—for example, in the Homeric texts that came “from Chios,” “from Sinope,” and “from Massilia.” Of languages other than Greek, Egyptian had the largest section.If a book was found, it was taken to the library for a decision as to whether to return it or to confiscate it and replace it with a copy made on the spot (with an adequate compensation to the owner).Books acquired in that manner were designated “from the ships.” Another story (reported by Galen in the writings on Hippocrates) reveals how Ptolemy III managed to obtain the original texts of the great dramatic poets Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.Love and literature may be in the air at the SDG Library in Alexandria Thursday, June 13, when the branch holds its first Literary Speed Dating event.“There’s a lack of local dating opportunities for millennials,” says Iris Clark, a Library Services Assistant at the Alexandria library. This provides a different venue.” The Literary Speed Dating event is a first for SDG Library.

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His campaigns resulted in a “considerable addition of empirical knowledge of geography,” as Eratosthenes remarked (as reported by Greek geographer Strabo).

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