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Granada, 21-24/V/2019: Las guerras dácicas de Trajano (101-106 d.C.) se saldaron con las mayores adquisiciones territoriales realizadas por el Imperio romano en el Continente europeo desde el principado de Augusto.

This paper deals with the hypothesis of why Nicopolis ad Haemum, a town established to glorify the victory of Trajan over the Dacians and their Sarmatian allies south of the Danube, was renamed at the beginning of Hadrian's rule as...

more Several high-ranking members in Trajan’s general staff were decorated with coronae classicae during the Dacian Wars of 101 – 106 AD.

These decorations used to be granted to consular ranking officers for naval military victories over enemy navies.

Throughout these pages we are going to tackle a detailed analysis of these operations, its scope and its strategic implications by means of a thorough revision of the literary, epigraphic and iconographic sources, combined with a proper knowledge of the conflict's scenario, its characteristics and its impact over the course of the campaign. Already known in the 19th century, it rose many debates and interpretations among scholars of the...

La conquista del regno geto-dacico da parte di Traiano e l'eredità della guerre di Domiziano, dans TRAIANO Costruire l'Impero. more The “weapon-shaped-letters” inscription is for certain the most interesting Roman epigraphic item discovered at Sarmizegetusa Regia so far.

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Creare l'Europa, Catalogo mostra Mercati di Traiano-Museo dei Fori Imperiali, a cura di C. Already known in the 19th century, it rose many debates and interpretations among scholars of the time.

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