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The country very often offers the best when it comes to music, movies, and TV series.

It’s just a shame that most of that content is only available on US-only websites – meaning that if you live outside the US, you’re out of luck and can’t enjoy it.

Since geo-blocked websites rely on your geo-location to prevent you from accessing the content you want, it’s obvious you need to hide it.

Don’t worry – doing that isn’t as hard as it sounds.

For instance, Hulu will only work if you’re in the US or a US military base.

But if you’re an expat who moved to Europe, a US citizen on vacation in Asia, or an American who was to work abroad a few months a year, you won’t get access to it – not even if you’re paying for the service. This service works on your computer, your tablet, and your smartphone.

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So, for example, if you’re from Italy, and you try to access US-only sites, the platform will see where you are connecting from, and restrict your access to the website or to some of the content.We’ve already mentioned Hulu, but there’s also Netflix.Yes, the platform is mostly available worldwide, but the US library isn’t.Smart DNS services are very popular with most online users because they don’t affect Internet speeds and they are very simple to set up.Another way to unblock US-only websites is to use a VPN.

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