Archeology excavation dating techniques latin dating retire to mexico

The excavation of a site is a tremendous endeavor and the obligations to publish the results encourage careful forethought about the direction the project should head and the particular issues to be addressed. It is principally the job of the director(s) to consult with others on the project and develop such a plan.

As a definition, excavation is simply the controlled exploration of what lies below the surface, usually carried out systematically in gridded trenches with shovel and trowel.Other projects have utilized geophysical prospecting devices to reveal more about the use of the area.A team may use resistivity meters to discover the soil's resistance to electrical current and magnetometers to detect variation in the magnetic properties of the soil.These tools reveal subsurface soil anomalies which often represent ancient features such as walls and trash middens.Techniques are now so sophisticated that if the buried structure is well preserved, a team might be able to create a reliable plan of the invisible feature.

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