Are u dating a player

In my opinion, it's always imperative to trust your gut, even if you don't have proof he's up to no good.In this case, it never hurts to gently dig a little deeper.what he did last weekend and who with), then this should also be taken into consideration, says Figueroa.You should also be on high alert if the person you're after uses vague language when confronted about the status of your relationship.But if you suspect the guy you're seeing is going further than the occasional flirtatious exchange, then keep your eyes peeled for these tell-tale signs.

He's the full package; he's well-spoken, good-looking, and confident.

Remember, if you haven't had an exclusivity conversation, then he very well may be seeing other people.

Until you've had this conversation, then omission doesn't necessarily mean he's a player, but rather that he's exercising his freedom to explore his options. I probably don't need to tell you that if a guy has explicitly said he is not looking for a relationship, then please, please believe him.

Does he spend a lot of time hanging out with 'friends,' none of which he bothers to mention the names of?

It should be noted that being guarded isn't the same as being dishonest.

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