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If you prefer you can call to book on 077966 95015.After Andrew, the Shmaltz rep, and Megan, Elixir’s Mixer-in-Chief, gave us the instructions on how the fast-paced friend party would go down, participants took their places and perched atop barstools lining either side of high top tables arranged to form a long dinner party-style table (think: 6 stools per side, with a few capped on either end).The sooner we accept that money problems are part of life — and more importantly, the sooner we start believing that we have enough money — the more debt problems we’ll avoid..Glamorous couple Giuliana de Pandi of The Style Network and Bill Rancic of The Apprentice take you behind the scenes of their marriage. Entertainment’s most popular personalities, and he’s kept his home in Chicago, where he runs a business empire.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by credit card or student loan debt that you can’t pay off.

But if you can deal with your anger, frustration, and other negative emotions — and instead focus on gratitude for what you have (the law of attraction and money) — then you’ll find it easier to avoid debt problems.

In , Malcolm Gladwell writes, “Sometimes constraints actually create success. And running taught me the discipline I needed as a writer.”As a married couple, what are you learning from the obstacles in your life — financial or otherwise?

If you’re emotional about money — and most people are — then you need to work together as a married couple to stay rational and level headed.

This is one of the most difficult bits of money advice to remember, especially when you’re fighting about finances!

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  1. Yes, the quality of the film, the old 35 mm tape and a later duplicate copy of 16mm, support its true age but the plot is not dissimilar to our lifestyles of today. It describes a life on two levels – thinkers (the managers) and doers, the workers who, like in many of today’s big businesses, exist as numbers or statistics, rather than as real human beings.