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For example, if you need all the entries to be neatly categorized by projects, you can make the Project field required so you'll never see an uncategorized time entry ever again.

Once all entries are properly categorized, you'll no longer have to spend hours every week on time auditing and fixing other people's timesheets.

Instead, you can do it for them right away and have accurate report ready at anytime you need.

Wasting time on constantly setting up identical projects?

The claim will be regarded as defective (see below) unless the claimant provides during the call all the information needed to determine the claim.5 A claimant can always choose to make a claim in writing.6As with all benefits, the DWP must supply a claimant with an ESA claim form free of charge when notified of an intention to claim.7A valid written claim must be made on the approved claim form in accordance with the form's instructions.

It appears that a claim not made on the approved form, or a form which can be treated as an ESA claim, or not made as per the instructions, will be regarded as defective (see below).

Don't want regular users to see other people's tracked time?

This way, you'll no longer have to wait for someone to add the missing time.A person must make a claim to be entitled to ESA.2The only exception is where a person has made and is pursuing an appeal against a decision that they do not have limited capability for work:3no new claim is needed in such a case and so ESA should be put back in payment when an appeal is made.A claim for ESA can be made by a telephone call 4to 08 (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday) or textphone 08 unless the decision maker directs it must be made in writing.Use keywords or the search function to find more recent material on this topic.Start a free 7-day trial and see how all the extra features work (no credit card required).

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Or, if that's too much and people actually need to see who logged how much time in some instances, limit their viewing power to only public projects. Hide pages that others don't need so only admins can access them.

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