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That’s when you realize how different you are from these people and you swear to god you won’t ever do it again. Over the next few days, you start to receive a miserable dribble of phone calls from each family member present at the “date.” They check if you are doing the right thing (talking to the guy) and express how satisfied they are with the man and his family. “Because I want to get married,” says 32-year-old singleton Zoe Xu from Shenzhen.

They “encourage” you to put down your shyness and make the moves. One can imagine the low chance of success on such a situation. Since the age of 25, Zoe has been on endless blind dates arranged by friends, relatives and dating companies.

Although it’s rude to ask the exact amount of income during the first time of meeting, you can get a general idea about how rich or poor the man and his family are through his job, his parents’ experiences, and the latest purchase or trip abroad that they “incidentally” mention.

A rich family would never conceal how much they have.

The man nods along and says something unimportant once in a while.

The woman, even when she has her own opinions and thoughts, should not speak up too often.

Today single Chinese have many ways to meet new people, such as online dating, speed dating, or even dating TV shows.

The woman does not necessarily have to be rich, but if she is, it’s a great plus.

While the man, well, if he doesn’t have his own property and a car, it is a big issue and he has little chance.

Accompanying parents and relatives stifle any potential excitement of the date and increase any embarrassment and boredom tenfold.

It usually starts with a call: “I got someone for you,” from some old aunt that you only run into once a year. With or without hope, you dress-up nicely and get in the car with your aunt, your mother and your older brother, and anyone else in the family who faces joining the fun and drive to a restaurant.

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Realizing that he really loves Leeza, he bursts into the engagement party, professing his love for her and saying "Love is how you speak to me.

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