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Algren’s stories get deep into the lives of the poor without falling into the all-too-common stereotypes or making all his characters sad little victims.

Instead, you get a very realistic, very diverse look at the very real lives of the people at the bottom rungs of society, and Algren pulls this off with some seriously beautiful storytelling, too.

Click Here To Buy Fantasy is a fantastic (tee hee) way of having fun while thinking creatively about race.

Using different metaphors and imaginary worlds or circumstances to talk about the issues facing us today it what sci-fi and fantasy do best, and The Intuitionist is one of the best examples of exploring race through fantastical fiction.

Click Here To Buy Heidi Durrow’s semi-autobiographical novel is probably one of the most popular books about mixed-race experiences.

The book tells the story of a mixed girl, who was raised to think of herself as white, but whose light-brown skin comes with the expectation that she’ll “act Black” when she’s suddenly growing up in a Black neighborhood.

S are as important to the history of Latin America as the Aztecs.

The social and political situation of a country or culture today often has everything to do with a long history of exchange, dominance, and exploitation with other cultures.

Every couple needs to have some laughs, and this comic, besides being absolutely brilliant, also features an interracial (interspecies? And, it turns out, even an interracial alien couple adventuring through space faces some of the same challenges as the rest of us.Race and economics are all too connected on a social scale, and understanding the culture and psychology of poverty can be just as crucial to an interracial relationship as anything.Click Here To Buy History can be seriously personal, and Junot Díaz’s Oscar Wao does a great job of showing how.Durrow plays with the boundaries between races, and in the process raises some seriously interesting questions about race and social expectations.It’s also probably a pretty good read for any interracial couples who are on the track to having mixed babies.

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