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After all, they had 5 years to do so but chose to do it only right before elections, after five years of allowing supporters to plunder the property of the citizens of Bangladesh by labelling them "the enemy".

It allowed them to declare any citizen an "enemy" and confiscate their property.

If our stratigraphic methods show that fossil A was always deposited below fossil B whenever we are in a position to compare their dates of deposition, then we can conclude that species A is older than species B.

COLLATERAL or security/guarantee for the obligation. If that sounds dramatic, just consider that on the rare occasions I do wear stilettos, I tower over my usually shorter female friends.

It's awkward trying to hold a conversation while bending down to listen.

me acuerdo de ti tu sabes que soy un sentimental......

Esto cantaba Julito Iglesias y ha sido un poco lo que me ha pasado estos ultimos dias: Londres, Palma, Madrid, ahora en casa y el martes London again..........a partir de ahi quizá algo más de estabilidad unas semanas.........quizá no.5 C's of Credit refer to the factors that lenders of money evaluate to determine credit worthiness of a borrower.

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  1. Thus, virtually every left-wing professor and publication says that “Islam” means “peace.” (To the extent that it has any connection to the word for “peace” — — it is the peace that ensues after all of humanity has submitted to Islam.) The amount of left-wing reality-denial concerning the Islamic world is about equal to the number of assertions leftists make about it.