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I started reading all the books in the bookstore on the topic.When I realized they didn't have the information I needed (or even a clue for guys, really), I started looking for books that talked about "pickup," "seduction," and "techniques" - the forbidden information that you couldn't find anywhere else.Overall rather average and lacking in punch and somewhat lacklustre, the course meanders through various topics that have been well explained by other reviewers above.I found myself somewhat underwhelmed by the material, it does not live up to the hype, the "bad boy lifestyle" was particularly disappointing as it explained such profound points as - get a great car, make sure your house is tidy and make sure you have soft lighting in the a solid course for newbies, but if you are looking for something to add edge to your overall game, I would give it a the way I'm 48 years old, so this is really cool!Introduced as a formula for attracting and seducing women, Carlos Xuma’s The Bad Boy Formula shows men how to do it with the “correct” bad boy approach.It offers psychological techniques used by bad boys and the affect they have on a woman’s mind in creating the desired obsessive attraction.

And as a result, I had a lot of confidence with women. I had a relationship that turned sour on me, and I started getting all "Nice Guy." I started reading the self-help books by Ph D.s that didn't know dick about how REAL attraction is built.

(I started this before there was an "Internet," mind you.

:) When I got as much as I could find (and that wasn't a lot) I started trying and experimenting with women and dating.

I got rejected and blasted, and occasionally I also got some success.

I watched why certain guys did the things they did and noticed how their behavior influenced and built strong attraction in women.

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