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New pillows and quilts with dragon and phoenix patterns are put on the bed.

Lotus seeds, red beans, green beans, dates, longans, and money are spread over the bed. A paper cut of character ""is taped on the door of the new room.

The pants will have long fringe on the legs, because the pronunciation of fringe is the same as year in Chinese. On the baby's one year old birthday party, a "Zhua Zhou" (catching one full year of life) ceremony will be held.

The baby will take a bath and wear the new clothes and pants given by the grandma on the mother's side.

A red scarf is tied around the baby's neck after the birth, it's called "cloth lock", and each year another layer of red scarf is added, on the day of 12-year-old birthday, the lock will be removed, On the 16-year-old birthday, an adult ceremony is held in Fujian province, southern China.

There are two names for the baby, one is a nickname used before going to school, the other is the formal name.Then the baby will be put on the big table in the family room, which has a book, a calligraphy brush, an abacus, a scale, a pair of scissors, a seal, coins, toys etc on it.What the baby grabs will foretell the future of the baby.If the eggs have a black dot at one end, it means the baby is a boy, the red eggs must be in even number, 6 or 8 eggs, wishing the baby boy will get a wife when he grow up.If the red eggs don't have black dots, the eggs are in odd number, 5 or 7 of them, it means the new baby is a girl, odd number wishes the baby girl will get married in the future.

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If the seal is caught, the baby will become a politician.

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