Columbia university speed dating what is serial dating

Women put greater weight on the intelligence and the race of partner, while men respond more to physical attractiveness.

Moreover, men do not value women's intelligence or ambition when it exceeds their own.

Iyengar, Sheena Sethi Kamenica, Emir Simonson, Itamar Date:2006URL: Title: Quarterly Journal of Economics Abstract: We study dating behavior using data from a Speed Dating experiment where we generate random matching of subjects and create random variation in the number of potential partners.

For ambition, however, the interaction term is insignificant for females but is significantly negative ( p Hence, we demonstrate that on average men do not value women’s intelligence or ambition when it exceeds their own; moreover, a man is less likely to select a woman whom he perceives to be more ambitious than he is.

A priori one might still be concerned that my choice of sample would lead to me developing a model that gives too much weight to intelligence when the rater is a man.

But I chose the features that I did specifically with the intent of creating a model that would work well across heterogeneous speed dating events, and made no use of intelligence ratings to predict men’s decisions.

On one hand, I omitted the events with fewer than 14 people.

On the other hand, the authors omitted others: Seven have been omitted…four because they involved an experimental intervention where participants were asked to bring their favorite book.

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