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Their war had been put off for years by a pact where the two leaders (Highfather and Darkseid) would swap sons with each other.

However, when Highfather's son, Scott Free, escaped from Apokolips (as Darkseid knew he would), the war was back on, although Darkseid's son, Orion, chose to fight alongside the New Gods against his birth father.

One of the most famous words in all of comics is "Shazam," the magic word used by Billy Batson to transform into the World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel.

By the time he investigates the murder of his former superhero colleague, the Comedian, in "Watchmen" #1, he barely communicates with people, and his verbal tics, like "Hurm," are pronounced.

When Walter Simonson took over writing and drawing duties on "Thor," he made sure to make his first issue ("Thor" #337) very memorable.

While working on the handbook, though, Gruenwald felt that he was coming across way too many minor and/or pointless supervillains that no one was doing anything with.

He believed that it was a waste to have that many supervillains running around the Marvel Universe without anything to really do, because no one was interested in writing them.

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