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After you have downloaded the map, you will notice a file holding the IMG extension. Disconnect the GPS from the computer once the copy process is completed successfully.

Access the settings menu on the GPS then select Map. You should see the new map installed and ready to be used.

Is there a place to purchase update at reduced cost ?

Don't want to spend a ton as unit is only kept as backup.

Lifetime map updates purchased late in 2009 for an older Nuvi that I use cost on Amazon. Good point, I also have a 250 (no W) and the maps are showing their age. Battery is near shot (sharp drop in recent months) so I'm definitely not sinking the mew map cost into it when I've seen what look like better Garmin replacements at not much more than lifetime maps would cost.

Geo/ATL If you are only using it as a back-up unit, why spend the money? And I have a micro SD card so I shouldn't have any space issues keeping the old maps (just in case) while using the newer. Without speed limit data, how accurate do the ETA calculations seem on a trip?

But, for my Nuvi 360, which works with text to speech, the OSM is problematic because of that text to speech component.

I had a right turn to make for one "trip" and I had the OSM selected and operating vs.

The main thing I miss compared to City Navigator is the address lookup.” and “View Map.” Touch the color screen to easily look up addresses and services and get voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions that speak street names to your destination.It comes preloaded with City Navigator® NT street maps for the continental U.But Amazon sells a lifetime for $ 66.00 it will probably also mean a SD card will be required. (Currently with my 250 they are dead on except that they don't anticipate traffic or delays at traffic signals.So accurate that I'm sure the speed limit data is in there, just not displayed on a 250.) My severely limited experience of a couple of times with an OSM shows that it seems quite updated, although I am comparing that with a 2009 Garmin map for my area, and accurate enough.

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