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Not only are our 7 Best Cougar Dating Apps convenient and fun, but they’re also 100% free and offer tons of features to help you along the way, including filters to set your preferred age range.

If you are anything like most people, you probably tend to date within your own age range.

There is very little drama to be dealt with, and they are extremely easy to get along with.

Younger men typically tend to be a lot more adventurous.

Whereas dating an older man comes with its challenges, it is not so with Cougar Dating as they are not committed, full of energy for a great time in bed, and you control the tempo of the relationship.

While it might be rosy and exciting at first, learn not to get jealous when he flirts around.

However, thanks to divorce and outright independence more people are single, especially older women.However, if you've been wooing and subsequently sleeping with younger women, you're going to need to acquire a whole different set of techniques when it comes to cougars.Just like you wouldn't catch a bird with a bear trap, you wouldn't use the same lines and techniques you'd use for a twenty-something when trying to ravish a cougar. You certainly can't expect the same experience in bed with a cougar as you would a younger girl.This phenomenon has lead to an increase in cougars prowling about your local dating scene, and they're not only interested in sleeping with men their own age.More and more people have decided to dip their toe into the cougar dating pool only to immediately want to swim out into the deep end.

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