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But as with every reality television show, there’s a lot that goes into the show to make it enjoyable for viewers at home.We’re offering a sneak peek behind the curtains to 10 secrets fans might not know about what goes into creating the show: has strict rules when it comes to makeup and makeup artists.DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli said, “We don’t score until the dance is over. Can you imagine we maybe give them a 10 and then plop?!” will know flings and romances are a big part of the show and contribute heavily the shows ratings as viewers want to see when and where the sparks fly between pro dancers or pro dancers and the stars.

But, according to new reports from GLOBE Magazine, Maksim has finally settled down and is officially off the market.

As it turns out many of the cast members are recruited for the show, but are constantly getting pitches from fans on celebrities they’d like to see on the show.

Katz said the most common celebrity request is for Jennifer Aniston!

Beginning way back in 2005, Tom Bergeron currently hosts alongside Erin Andrews for the ongoing 23rd season!

Such a long running show means whatever producers are doing behind-the-scenes, they are definitely doing something right!

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