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If you’re looking for a non-confessional alternative to Back to Black that won’t take over the room, Love & War will serve that soulful purpose.

Composer, pianist, and APRA AMCOS Ambassador Barney Mc All set out five years ago to make an album on his own terms.

If you wanted to insult Daniel Merriweather’s debut album, you could call it Back to Black without all the personality.

Like Winehouse’s game-changing album, Merriweather’s is also drenched in Mark Ronson’s nostalgic production with all its Sam Cooke spirit and '60s R&B sophistication.

The key track, “Impossible,” is somewhere between a Bond theme and a deep cut from Terence Trent D'Arby, while the infectious “Change” gives the album just enough flash and punch with its easy hip-hop flavor.

Big ballad “Red” sounds like the best number found on any given Hugh Grant rom-com soundtrack while “Not Giving Up” is a well-executed, uptempo fingersnapper that should make Jamiroquai jealous.

Mark Ronson's latest collaboration is with US star Miley Cyrus.

I suppose the impetus was just looking around and seeing how fast and how deeply technology and screens are changing our lives. The eerie blue glow coming from every home, all the Christmases where You Tube has now replaced conversations, all the children who can't read or even speak properly as a result of their screen addiction, all the Silicon Valley fat cats in Steve Jobs clothing who quickly staked claims on the livelihoods of artists and musicians and convinced them to "upload" everything! ad fodder for corporate interest, the 2016 election results!? I could go on, but, i wanted to make a kind of 'trojan horse' pop album as a statement and a kind of comment on the current music business, Q: One thing that we often hear at industry panels and Q & As is that independent and/or self-releasing artists need to have their elevator pitch ready. Some songs were created with the artists in person and some were pieced together via file sharing.

I have to say a huge thank you to all the amazing efforts of those who helped create this beast.

It seems artists have been duped into cannibalising their own financial futures.

This album is unorthodox but I also reckon the songwriting is excellent.

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I was co-producing Daniel Merriweather's album here in Melbourne and we wrote on a plane from LA to NY and emailed me her vocals. I suppose it's better to write in person but, there are so many variables to songwriting and often I find that an artist can get into some strange and fertile zones when they are alone and composing to an existing track.

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