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The Belleek collection at the Ulster Museum contains nearly 200 items. The Belleek Pottery started in 1863, in an area that had the raw materials required to make porcelain, earthenware and stoneware.

It was originally called Mc Birney & Co, producing a wide range of domestic earthenware.

Dimensions: height 12 cm; length 17.5 cm Parian porcelain gets its name because it looks like marble from the Greek Island of Paros.

Popular sculptures could be mass made because of the quality of the slip casting technique. Halahan Dunbar was the minister at Belleek from 1865 to 1867.

More on the Applied Art Collection (TO BE LINKED) This is one of the most important pieces of Belleek in the Ulster Museum collection.

It belonged to Canon Grainger, a clergyman from County Antrim.

This vase shows the great skill of the flower makers at the Belleek pottery.

It is beautifully decorated with a daisy and forget-me-not design.

It made a large range of unglazed and glazed, enamelled and gilded pieces.

Dimensions: Diameter 6.5 cm This pair of earthenware dishes are very important. Mr William Patterson was a member of the Belfast Naturalists' Field Club.

The Field Club, established in 1863, now meets in the Ulster Museum. These dishes, decorated by William Patterson,include the date 8 October 1868.

Although it is not a an early piece, it is special to the collection because it is one of a kind.

To date, nothing like this has been found in other collections or in any early photographs.

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