Dating bitterness

If we believe all the good ones are taken, then that’s exactly what we’ll experience, when we are forty plus dating online.We’ll fail to notice the attractive forty plus singles as we are so busy with the feeling of bitterness and past heartaches.While it’s not advisable to spill your life story on your first date and you shouldn’t have to talk about things that make you uncomfortable, you need to be able to share a little in order for people to get to know you. You lack self-esteem If people show interest in you, do you find yourself questioning what’s wrong with them or claiming they’re not good enough for you?If you are too closed, it’ll be hard for a date to establish a connection with you. For a successful relationship you need to have a balanced attitude towards yourself, let alone anyone else.It can be especially hard when you’ve been in the forty plus dating scene for longer than you’d care to admit, and you feel that you’ve endured more than your fair share of heartache.Don’t lose hope even though it might be easy to do just that and give up.Consign relationship failures to the past and stifle your inner critic.To find love you need to be open-minded and look for the positive in people.

Until you purge yourself of your cynicism you won’t be able to move forward.

Another broken relationship or a forty plus date that didn’t work out.

It takes a lot of courage to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back out there.

Realise that finding love can take time and be optimistic about who could be next. You’re cynical of other people’s relationships Do you find yourself looking for flaws in other people’s relationships?

Are you secretly cheered by their romantic failures? By believing that all relationships are doomed, you’ll close yourself off to any possibilities for finding love.

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This simple shift in perspective could make the difference to your attitude and your dating prospects.

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