Dating girl in wheelchair

I dated a girl for a year who had to wear a hearing aid in both ears for the rest of her life.

Was a good relationship until I was threatened to be killed by her father and apparently her family were involved in gang and gun crime in the area :/ Perhaps if I'd already had extensive dating experience, although I'm looking for an active adventurous girlfriend so a wheelchair user might not fit in with what I want from a relationship.

If she was infertile it would mean I wouldn't have to wear a condom so they'd be top of the list.

A WOMAN and her disabled boyfriend have been attacked by vile trolls over their relationship.

I had visions of her being wheeled into a café by a helper, who'd sit watching us from the other side of the room.

I'm so glad it turned out to just be a mate of mine dicking around.

Although I think having one arm or something would really not make much if any difference whatsoever if the girl was pretty.

Just because a woman is "good looking" it doesn't make her attractive. Regardless of what ails her, if I loved her, I wouldn't leave her for someone who is better looking.Just because a woman is "good looking" it doesn't make her attractive.A disabled woman can hit these marks as easy as a woman with no disabilities. I could handle a girl whose infertile or perhaps in a wheelchair but some things you mentioned would be too much.I don't consider infertility a disability, but I'd have no problem marrying a woman that can't have kids. I don't want to be my g/fs carer for the rest of my life.

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