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SYDNEY, Australia — The Facebook group was supposed to be a fun distraction from high school exams.

Its creators, a crew of Melbourne students who had bonded over weekends in Chinese language school, had noticed a Facebook group called “Subtle Private School Traits.” They started joking about their own experiences: the struggles and joys of being a first-generation immigrant.

Kang, adding most of the posts they receive are for those communities, though they are encouraging other communities to contribute.

In the meantime, others have taken matters into their own hands.

And in the group that background is the norm.“Everyone’s just more supportive,” she said.

“Everyone understands.”Anne Gu recalled a memory that reflects the kind of experiences driving the group.

Six of the nine founders of the Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits,” in Melbourne, Australia.

One woman shared a meme from the group with her mother, which led to a surprising conversation.“Subtle Asian Traits got me my first ‘I love you’ from my mom so I’d like to thank you all for that,” she posted.

In one example an Expanding Brain meme plots the perils of ordering coffee with an ethnic name.

In another, the joke is pitting lactose intolerance, a condition common among the Asian population, against milk tea.

These memes — witty, visual and catered to the audience — have powered the group’s explosive growth by allowing self-reflection.

“Memes express a culture’s belief, they tell its stories, they pass along these narratives from person to person,” said Dr.

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