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In comparison to the other downstairs rooms, these spaces feel almost cluttered — they’re not, though, with all the china stored in orderly, pretty stacks.The shelving was inspired by Scott’s visits to the great homes of Newport, and though the craftsmanship is evident, so too is the perfection.Austerity can have a negative connotation, so perhaps the more appropriate word for the current incarnation of the home is restraint.It’s not minimalism, which connotes a chilly, mathematic sensibility; in Scott’s living room, you’ll find comfortable sofas and a coffee table upon which you might rest your stockinged feet.

“I’m really a bad salesperson and I don’t like to talk about myself,” she says.The period perfect 19th century home makes no sense for 21st century life.This house contains a washer and dryer, an elevator, and both a main staircase and the interstitial one added when the third and fourth floors were their own little unit, all impossible for the building’s original architect to have conjured.“Maybe I’m just responding to this machine made, mass-produced era that I don’t like.I want things to be touched by humans, to be imperfect.” But there’s perfection too; how else to classify the millwork in the kitchen and dining room?

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