Dating meet her friends

I’d like to meet them where they’ve heard from you about me more, and had enough time to digest and know my intentions are good etc.

You’ve had fun and feels that she is totally into you.

Even a professional will have a hard time passing all the test when every little thing he does is being scrutinized and judged upon. HER FRIENDS ARE EXPECTED TO LOOK OUT FOR YOUR FLAWS.

Being the “loyal” friends that they are, your woman will listen to their advice and possibly hold back on progressing your relationship.

Tell her jokingly that you already have a lot of friends to handle, and will only take on more friends if she is your girlfriend.

After seeing each other for a few months, your girlfriend has invited you to meet her friends, and you’re apprehensive.You don’t want to make her friends neglect her for your attention. However, if you have been duped to attend a gathering of her friends, bear these in mind.The following are your best bet to leave the gathering intact. Don’t get all opinionated to get across your personal point of views.If you are older than this it is not standard but I don't see the harm in it.Ideally it should be a mixed group as you sitting with half a dozen girls could get awkward for you Depends on your age really. I told her I liked her last week, within 2 days she told me she liked me, and after thag she told me that her friends are interested in seeing me.

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