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You will notice that these dates are often inconsistent with each other and the map codes resulting in inconsistent dating when you are shopping for maps.If you are a map seller, I recommend that you include both the "Map Code" and the "Small Map Code" in the auction, so that any knowledgeable collector will know exactly what you have."Small Date Codes" are separate from the "Map codes" and in the case of Conoco maps are found on the back cover in the lower right hand corner from 1938 to 1963.They usually contain 4 numbers like 4382, the 4 is the month of issue, the 38 is the last two digits of the year of issue, and the 2 is the revision number.

Next year’s meeting will be on the East Coast at the AACA museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania.Most consider road maps a byproduct of the automobile, but the earliest road maps depicted European routes for horse-drawn vehicles.The first known road map was created by Ehrhard Etzlaub around 1495...Read More This page provides links to (almost) everything that you might want to know about road maps, and how to start collecting them. to get a sneak peek at the benefits of becoming a Member of the RMCA. North American Major Oil Companies’ Map Master Lists.Public pages are visible to everyone, and provide an introduction to the map collecting hobby. Links to an article from Legend #45 (the club’s newsletter) that looks at some of the types of maps collected: oil company issues, official state issues, auto club maps, those published in a single year, maps with scenic covers, maps for special events… Some of our members have their own websites, either as map dealers/traders, or simply to showcase favorite maps from their collection. If you’re just starting to collect oil company maps, or if you have a map that you are looking to sell on e Bay and are not sure if it’s rare, this page list the main oil companies, most of whose maps are quite commonly found. Dating maps from the big cartographers is remarkably easy – once you know the codes!

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