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Beautiful, graceful lilies, perhaps Lilies of the Valley, are carved into the mirrored surface of this thick jet black hematite-like pendant, which has beveled edges and is coronet set into the raised shining silvertone openwork setting. The back of the pendant is silver mirror; you can check how pretty you are while wearing it!The pendant is 2 1/2" x 2" and rises about 2/3" from the surface; this is a heavy, quality piece.Shorter development times, we can adapt and make changes quickly, obviously we don't have transportation costs, minimum order costs…plus it's something we believe in.It's surprising how much of the [jewelry] industry is still here.With designer Aimie Maston bringing thirty years of experience to the line, bracelet styles and the introduction of both fine mesh and enamel coloring have proven successful for the reborn Whiting & Davis.Most pieces hover below 0, offering unrivaled value for a Massachusetts-made, highly crafted item.

They built their own machines, things made to last. Mesh to begin with is a unique and challenging material. Setting a footprint for the future, Cutler is optimistic about American-made goods: "All you hear about is outsourcing; you never hear the good stories about the brands that are doing it and making it happen.

The ornate openwork bale adds an extra inch to the drop.

Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years.

Throughout the 20th century they produced costume jewelry, the most popular, besides the mesh necklaces, being their huge bangles and fabulous cameos, reproduced from antique styles. This bracelet is signed Whiting & Davis Mesh Bags over the inside hinge, and you also get the Limoges signature in gold on the back of the porcelain. Such a Highly collectible can become an heirloom in your family. As a redhead, this is one of my best colors, olivine, or olive green.

They are known as silversmiths and also for their invention of a machine that could produce the fabulous mesh bags. The lady is hand painted over a transfer, giving an essential pearled look to her hair decoration and collar. The oval porcelain is encased in a silvertone bezel among intricate silvertone leaves, bows, and other openwork folderol which extends to the side of the bangle.

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