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[presses the phone to her ear] Sam: No, put it on speaker. Sam: [groans and presses the speaker button] Valerie: I know this is on speaker! Cat Valentine, I'm meeting a friend who wants Robbie back.

I tell him he still looks about 30 and I don't date younger guys but I can tell the damage has been done. Edit: wow aren't I petty, to everyone referring to me as a girl sorry to disappoint but I am a guy. It's fucked to string someone along and then go MIA instead of simply sending a message that you aren't interested. It's petty because he did the same thing to you, but you flipped it on him without him knowing it was you. Robbie and Freddie: [simultaneously over phones] What?! [scene switches to Robbie's bedroom] Robbie: Yepty-doo! Let me add the minor detail Tim is a slim white male who is visibly balding like almost all his hair in the front of his head is either gone or receded to the middle.He is only 20 at the time and says he likes to look older and hates he isn't 21.

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She later apologizes and receives a phone call from Valerie.

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