Debby ryan dating cole sprouse

You might already be drawing the main connection between these two shows which is, of course, actor Cole Sprouse.

Sprouse played Cody Martin on the Disney Channel series and is currently breaking hearts and taking names as Jughead Jones on the CW thriller, Thanks to New York Fashion Week, stars from both television shows ran into each other, including Sprouse's onscreen girlfriends.

The two of them have been dating for a long time now.

They first started dating in 2013 and were on and off for some time since then. He’s sincere and fun and disciplined and strong as heck and a nerd and a rockstar and a good midwestern man and a silly shirtless boy, and his family is endlessly warm and delightful and are such champions.

Since the series ended, Ryan and Sprouse have maintained a serious friendship.

I think that they are because, they dated on suite life on deck. This is why I think they are dating in real life too. Everyone knows that they are because they wouldn't date on a t.v. Dylan said he hasn't date for 4 years but he reaily likes Sarah-ann Gaudreau.

, but Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are far less forthcoming about their real-life romance.

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