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As Markman, Stanley, and Blumberg (1996) conclude, "becoming more aware of the effects of your differing communication styles [in relationships] can go a long way toward preventing misunderstandings" (p.

Even in the highest functioning teams, interpersonal conflicts are bound to arise.

Although the compromising style may seem similar to collaborating, it is different.

In compromising, people make trade-offs that drive a hybrid solution to the conflict.

In it, one person forces their solution at the expense of the other party .This style may be appropriate when one person has the power to make the decision and needs to do so quickly and decisively, however, competing is the most aggressive and uncooperative conflict resolution method.This is a style of conflict resolution where each party gives-up part of their objectives.Since neither party gets what they want it can be defined as a “” model.Compromising requires a moderate level of assertiveness and cooperation and it is effective when people are working on short term tasks or on a smaller part of a project.

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This works when the issue is unimportant or when it is clear that the conflict can’t be resolved, however it is a non-assertive and uncooperative style of conflict resolution.

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