Did gale harold dating michelle clunie

Also, from the history of his past romantic relationships, his sexuality can be said to be straight as he has had affairs with only women.

Gale Harold is, therefore, a full straight man whose interest is in women.

The series follows the lives of five gay men living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brian (Gale Harold), Justin (Randy Harrison), Michael (Hal Sparks), Emmett (Peter Paige), and Ted (Scott Lowell); a lesbian couple, Lindsay (Thea Gill) and Melanie (Michelle Clunie); and Michael's mother Debbie (Sharon Gless) and his uncle Vic (Jack Wetherall). He is his own man and believes in having sex for the sheer joy of doing it.

Another main character, Ben (Robert Gant), was added in the second season. While he and Justin have an on-and-off-again relationship, Justin is the only one of his sexual encounters that Brian finds himself falling in love with and the only one he continues to have sex with after the first night.

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All The Facts The actor who is a staunch supporter of the LGBT community and whose stardom is linked to his character as a gay guy in Queer as Folk has been assumed to be gay on several quarters. The actor made it clear in a video he recorded to encourage teenage gay guys to stay true to themselves that his reason for supporting the LGBT community is because he has very close people who are gay, he never stated that he was part of them.

Thereafter, he proceeded to study at the American University in Washington based on a soccer scholarship and graduated with a Liberal Arts degree in romance literature.The pair were said to even argue in court over Danielle’s body measurements which left many wondering if their breakup had nothing to do with physical attributes.The court finally ordered that they keep a 100 yards distance between each other whenever they happen to be in the same vicinity.Prior to dating Danielle, the actor dated the beautiful TV actress Yara Martinez around 2011.Their breakup has been a mystery to many as nobody knows what happened to their love.

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Even though he is single at the moment, he has not made any indications of coming out as gay.

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