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I don’t, however, believe I would have cared so deeply about her knowing that we are experiencing a time where those of us who know and want better must step up and make things better.In that and similar times, I believe I could’ve kept her fully detached from anything resembling political or governmental affairs.

And the fact that these newfound discriminators will inevitable use Masterpeice to justify their actions will make the ADF look even worse. It was November 9, 2016—the day my child still remembers as the first time she saw me cry. And she doesn’t talk about it as a self-contained memory. As in, “Hey Savannah, what are some things that make people cry?

The whole point of the email was to highlight how CWA and its then-president, the truly extreme Sandy Rios, was standing in praise of their boss, the president. He might have secretly opposed the Bush marriage war. We do, however, have evidence that the man who could be deciding any number of LGBTQ matters over the next several decades was on the team that, if left to its devices, would have responded to the an impossibility. But at the very least, it should certainly merit a question or two in the upcoming confirmation hearings.

To wit: Mostly standard stuff of that painful Bush era. Except for one thing: one of the four people on that short email chain was the man who is now close to becoming the next justice of the Supreme Court of the United States: Yup, that’s right: Brett Kavanaugh, then an assistant/secretary within the Bush White House, was right there front and center during that painful chapter in American history. He might have been uncomfortable with promoting someone like Sandy Rios, what with her truly extreme agenda that includes “changing” gay people. He was enough a part of the effort to be on an email chain of only five senior officials. Better yet, maybe we can see even more (and even more substantive) of his “official duty” emails from this shameful part of our recent past. Based on what we heard in court, I expected to lose.

------------------ Since I was once so vocal about these so-called “religious freedom” cases, a number of people have asked me to jumped back on here and weigh in on the Masterpiece Cakes decision in longer form than my Twitter habits (@goodasyou) will allow. Not because we should’ve lost, but because we very much live in a country where questions regarding religion can be morphed and twisted in a way that obscures fact, even among learned people. To fully understand the full range of complexities associated with anti-LGBTQ cases like this one, one needs a very specific and rarefied skills set.

One needs to understand what organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom are and what they what they really one.

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This creates and obviously frightening landscape for LGBTQ people who would very much like to move forward with existences without constant fear of attack. In the marriage fight, the anti-equality activists were always at their worst after they had a “victory.” Which is to say they were at their best, as their string of terrible moves when they were at their apex always served to help us more ably make our case against them. When business owners start trying to apply this decision in a way that turns away LGBTQ customers from everyday commerce, there will Be even more evidence of the inherent bigotry that we know to be at the heart of these cases.

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