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You would need to get interviewed for a position and get an offer before April 1st, so that application can be received at USCIS on April 1st.

If the person is out of status 180 days, please consult a good attorney before filing I-485.The initial evidence list is mentioned on every form (485, 131 etc). Keep this fact in mind as many lawyers are not aware of this USCIS memo and its pretty important. I have seen some denials but all for ppl who hasn't actually completed all requirements at the time of filing. I hope that after they changed the visa bulletin on July 17, I will receive the rest of the Receipts...Also, trying to go back on H4 is not a bad idea, particularly, if the priority date is an early one. ------------------------------------ Permanent Resident since May 2002Hi, I'm very tensed. I have finished all degree requirements including depositing Ph D thesis. some of us while our status was on quick sand - went ahead and built a house thinking that GC would follow now if only all of us were to come up with an effective plan and shake the tree or throw tons of stones on the tree .maybe everyone would get a mango sooner.------------ I have one such idea (this does not cost much money) .us all go and meet realtors / home brokers etc .genuine interest in buying a house but after few days tell the realtor that since GC has been delayed ..u are cancelling your interest in home buying.

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