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V." Envy started taking the band in a new direction by bringing in other musicians and the group began to be well known and recognized by major labels, something Scott and Stephen Stills didn't want.

Scott still wanted to pursue a relationship with Envy, and even wrote a song for her, Envy was too blinded by the prospects of fame.

Scott later sees the battle just as Sex Bob-Omb is about to play on stage and ends the fight by poking Envy behind her knee, which he states is her weak spot.

Angered, Envy seeks Todd throughout the crowd to no avail.

Natalie and Scott were first introduced by Julie Powers when they were all first-year students; Natalie was Julie's roommate.

The pair ended up hanging out due to a mutual belief that Julie was totally full of it.

Envy still remembers Scott when they meet again in Vol. A short time after her break up with Scott, Envy reunited with Todd, who had graduated from Vegan Academy.

Years later Todd returned, now with vegan powers, and wanted to renew his relationship with Natalie.Todd also reveals his Vegan powers to the group, effortlessly trouncing Scott though Envy calls off the battle since it was late.The next day she sets up a race at Honest Ed's between the two, telling Todd not to use his powers.Envy shows she can hold her own in a fight with most of the crowd cheering her on, though Wallace backs Ramona giving her an advantage over Envy.However, Envy manages to gain the upper hand and nearly kills Ramona with her hammer, though Knives saves her.

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