Emotional boundaries in christian dating

It’s important to put mental time and energy in questions like this and to set your limits within a dating relationship- which is why I’ve devoted an entire chapter to it in the most important thing?

It seems to me that our Christian society can get so fixated on the “physical” aspects of intimacy, that we neglect the emotional and spiritual boundaries that can be just as binding and just as devastating in the end.

As your relationship grows in length, then it can begin to grow in depth. You don’t need to be in constant communication – especially early in the relationship. The later the time of night, the harder it may be to keep boundaries (even emotional and spiritual boundaries).

Yes, but you still need to set emotional and spiritual boundaries.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that I get asked this question all the time from well-meaning young adults, looking to set up some boundaries in their relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, as a professional counselor and as a woman who has gone through the world of dating, I think the question of physical boundaries is really important and requires some serious thought and consideration.

But here’s the thing about dating in an emotionally healthy way- it’s important to make sure that your emotional relationship is growing proportionally to your level of commitment.

Eventually, we were able to talk and be friends, but nothing like how close we were before and during dating. I do miss my friend, but I know that God’s plans are bigger than mine.

Not only do relationships need physical boundaries, they also need emotional and spiritual boundaries.

Emotional and spiritual boundaries are created when you limit what you share with the other person.

In the early stages of dating, seek to pursue God as an individual before allowing your relationship with Him to become a trio prematurely by including your significant other.

There will be a day for deep and intimate spiritual unity…but it’s not now.

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