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So far we’ve covered mistakes rooted in students’ first languages and mistakes that arise in the writing process. ESL students can struggle with listening or reading comprehension when they don’t understand the culture of the speaker or writer.

A student from a tropical nation may really struggle with a reading passage about winter sports and activities.

We sped away toward my new school, where I would learn so much more about the cultural nuances of my students than how bluntly honest they can be.

“But fatter in the photograph.” I laughed and followed her into the taxi.

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As of August 1, 2019, the TOEFL Reading, Listening and Speaking sections will be shortened.

He has been teaching K-12, University, and adult education classes since 2007 and has worked with students from every continent.

The TOEFL will also make changes to its prep materials and scoring system. Language learners tend to take the rules of their first language and incorrectly apply those rules to their second language.

Because of this, some of the info in our blog posts may not yet reflect the new exam format. To give an example, Korean students often confuse the “r” and “l” sounds in TOEFL Listening and Speaking.

Similarly, students from cultures where marriage is arranged may really struggle to understand a talk about American courtship and dating.

Students can have cultural struggles when they produce their own English as well.

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I had no idea what to expect before stepping into my first class of Chinese university students. You look more fat in you picture.” “Well, hello.” I smiled. These things are seen as unnecessary distractions from schoolwork, which is to say distractions from preparing for an exam with so much weight that it will largely determine the students’ futures.

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