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He currently works for an IT support company in Cheltenham, U.K., supporting more than 1,000 users and spanning more than 40 companies.You should also check that all four sites can communicate on port 25, in order to allow replication traffic to pass through.The easiest way to test this is to use an old Microsoft tool known as Once installed, use the command line to navigate to the directory that you installed the tool to and run the following command: If this is working properly, you should receive a "listening" response.

If you have multiple DCs with the global catalog role, try removing the GC role from the server that Exchange is using, then restart the Exchange services so that Exchange is forced to use it.Apparently this caused Outlook to delite the list of cached email adresses?? If you login to OWA you will see the GAL - that uses live information.Therefore this is really 2 questions: 1) Why does the GAL not updating? Therefore the first thing you need to do is check whether changes to user accounts are seen through OWA. Go to Organization Configuration, and then click Mailbox. Right click the appropriate database and go to Properties 4. First of all I dont see any entries in the ewent viewer what so ever regarding any issues related to OAB or a like.Any time you run into an Exchange Global Address List issue, the first place to investigate is the application event logs on the Exchange server that is generating your offline address book (OAB).There are too many event IDs to reference here, but most that are OAB generation-related should be resolved if you updated your Exchange server with the latest service pack and rollup.

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