Fluidvision accommodating iol power vision

In-the-bag accommodative IOLs are an interesting innovation.

AT Lisa (Zeiss), Fine Vision (Phys IOL), Pan Optix (Alcon), Alsafit (Alsanza) and Acriva Reviol (VSY Biotech) are available trifocals and most have toric versions.

Multifocal IOLs have two distinct foci with blurry vision in between.

Focusing on one, may cause glare and haloes from the other.

The Sapphire IOL (Elenza) is electronically controlled, remotely programmable, customisable and utilises nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and advanced electronics to auto-adjust focus in response to pupillary changes.

Speed and amplitude of pupillary responses are used to differentiate between light and accommodation.

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For myopes and less risk-taking patients I prefer classical mini-monovision of 1.25D or EDOF IOLs with micro-monovision of 0.5D,” said Oliver Findl MD, of the Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery. These are especially effective in post LASIK, post RK eyes and in irregular corneal astigmatism.

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