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On August 9, Armisen posted a photo of the "beautiful and brilliant" Lyonne on Instagram.She, meanwhile, shared photos of her beau from the star Elisabeth Moss. guest star Chris Elliott - will not be returning to Studio 8H for the 38th season.Elliott made the announcement herself, but nothing official has come from producer Lorne Michaels or NBC.In real life, Natasha Lyonne is not a women's prison lothario who keeps a notebook of her conquests.

She was on the bubble her first years and never really established herself afterwards.For her part, Lyonne has received rave reviews for her work as former junkie Nickie on Orange is the New Black.Plus, Natasha is 35 and Fred is 47, meaning that he's inching closer and closer to finding a girlfriend who was born in the same decade!However, based on this Larry King clip, she didn't have a great time there.I wonder if she got steamrolled by Wiig like Spade got steamrolled by Carvey when he was there, and she quit before she could find her own "Hollywood Minute."I’m sure the Armisen relationship played a part.

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