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I think the final hurting blow was when she told Bobby she was leaving his reaction was simply to ask for her door key.

At that point I got up, went to the kitchen and got my spare key and gave it to Callie, telling her it was hers for as long as she wanted to stay.

Well, comfortable to wear I suppose but quite often what Callie wore made my shorts somewhat uncomfortable.

The mornings often had her in a long t-shirt and panties, but every time she'd bend over or reach for something I'd get a view of her magnificent ass in those panties.

"You know, you were always my favorite in that family, and both of us were outsiders that had married in. " "I sure do, but first I need to use the ladies room." "Right down the hall, between the two bedrooms." I threw together a couple of sandwiches, grabbed a bag of chips and two beers, and took our lunch out onto the large back porch where the breezes would be better.

I really appreciate you letting me come here." "Hey, you're one of my favorites too. When Callie came out the breezes caught her sun dress and lifted it a bit. "We talked about my place there and me being alone out there, then we shifted to her current matters.

They hadn't had a sex life in several years, which didn't bother Callie seeing as how Bobby was so obnoxious most of the time.

My cabin is in a horseshoe shaped bowl up in the mountains, surrounded on three sides by mountain ridges.

Our conversations were easy and flowing, nothing was off limits and more and more frequently our conversations turned into flirting with definite sexual tones.

The dress code around the house had also grown more comfortable.

The shirt rode up to show her ass, and all ass it was. As I went to my study to do some business work Callie went and got dressed, then came to tell me she was going into town for some groceries.

At first I thought she didn't have on any underwear at all, but then when she really reached up and threw one leg to the side to stretch even higher I caught the sight of a thin strand of material running up the crack of her ass. As I was about to look back down at my bowl of cereal Callie turned her head and asked, "Like that view? I mentioned a few things in particular I wanted, then opened my desk drawer and pulled my spare post office box key out. And if you swing by the post office for the mail you might find an envelope addressed to you.

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