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Because of this, you won't see the glaring red flags.

You may know your best friend like the back of your hand, but you don't know what it's like to date your best friend."When you don’t know someone very well, and you start dating, you’re usually more careful and you don’t let things slide the way you do when your best friend is now your date," Masini says. Wouldn't a little mystery do a new relationship good?

Seriously; on whose shoulder do you cry and whose phone do you blow up with texts of complaints and disbelief?

Definitely not your best friend, because they're no longer just your best friend!

"You can’t go to your best friend to talk about a fight or a break up in the same way you used to," Masini says.

"You may not have anyone as valuable as your best friend was to you in this situation."While you may have other friends to whom you can turn, no one is quite like your best friend. When we find ourselves in too many relationships — friendship, romantic, or otherwise — drama almost always follows.

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Even if you are a natural risk taker, is this a risk worth taking? No matter what your physical chemistry might be saying, it's important to step outside the scenario and see it clearly.

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