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The DOVVSU unit also received 1,111 cases of ‘defilement’ and 290 rape cases in 2014.

In an all-girls Catholic boarding school, there was abuse by some teachers on the students because they refused to have sex with them.

The issue of few jobs and less pay for women that makes most women dependent on their families and for those who are left with the responsibility of others, they are left vulnerable to boyfriends, husbands, colleagues and even spiritual leaders.

Traditional practices have also been a major cause of women’s rights issues.

Students were all helpless since reporting it would not change a thing unless they changed schools and that was not an option.

Another dimension to the issue of sexual harassment against women in our higher education is the case of lecturers demanding sexual favours from their female students for a pass mark or admission.

Women who refuse it are blamed for the deaths, banished from their communities and face a lifetime of stigmatisation.

Puberty rites for the Krobos for example, is an age old practice where young girls as young as 9 years old, who have experienced their first menstruation are shown off in the town square to initiate and advertise them as women fit for marriage and they are made to wear outfits that expose their breasts.

A lot of women have been unable to leave abusive relationships because their families send them back to their partners when they escape and also because they have no way of supporting themselves or their children.

Last year, a university student was killed by her taxi driver boyfriend because she was not interested in the relationship anymore and this is one of many of such fatal cases.

Our society shows us the differences between the sexes right from childhood.

Girls do all the housework while boys go out to play with their friends after school.

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The consequences of domestic violence, he said, “could be dire.

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