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As the Nelsons prepared to go into the studio, they started assembling a band.

They met drummer Bobby Rock at the MTV Music Awards, when he was still with Vinnie Vincent Invasion, and kept in touch.

After that band broke up, Nelson asked him to join their band.

Joey Cathcart had played guitar with the brothers in high school so they decided to approach him.

They were introduced to guitarist Brett Garsed by their manager in Australia.

When they presented the album to the executives at Geffen Records, they weren't pleased and gave the band the choice to either produce and record another album, more according to what they were expecting, or they would be released from their contract."I'm proud of that record [Because They Can]. But I was given the mandate by John Kalodner, 'You're not allowed to play any crunchy guitar on this record at all.

Their other songs "After the Rain", "More than Ever", and "Only Time will Tell" peaked at #6, #14, and #28 respectively.

After several years of touring, the band went into the studio to record their follow-up.

During this time, Nelson was also approached to contribute a song to the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Matthew and Gunnar then co-wrote a song with Dweezil Zappa called "Two Heads are Better than One".

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