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If a majority of members don’t like someone, for whatever reason, that person cannot join the club.This system ensures the quality and desirability of the membership.This niche dating site has stirred up controversy over the years by catering to the most desirable and physically beautiful singles in the dating scene.However, the team stands by the success of the dating site and boasts about the quality of its membership.The team is changing their business model to pay more attention to helping the people who try and fail to join Beautiful People.

Some dating sites try to discourage users from judging one another based on looks, but Beautiful doesn’t see the point in telling its users that what they want is wrong.

The Scoop: The most popular online dating tools — i.e.

swiping and mutual matching — mimic how daters act in the real world.

Instead, the dating site has allowed its members to be selective and pursue dates in an exclusively attractive community.

Since 2002, Beautiful People has distinguished itself in the dating world by embracing the idea that singles want to date pretty people.

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